Our Lady of the Angels Parish

Online Giving


We are excited to announce that Our Lady of the Angels Parish now offers Online Giving! As a church that seeks to serve, we want to provide you the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want. Through Online Giving you can make all of your contributions to Our Lady of the Angels via automatic payment from your checking account or credit card — just as you may do now with your mortgage, household bills, and other monthly payments. Online Giving costs you nothing and provides many advantages to you and Our Lady of the Angels Parish:

Benefits for You

  • No check writing or ATM stops before church
  • Safe, secure, and confidential transactions
  • Use your checking/savings account or credit/debit card
  • Credit card option allows you to take advantage of benefits such as airline mileage and cash back bonuses
  • Schedule recurring or one-time donations
  • Change a gift or account anytime you like
  • View your giving history anytime


 Benefits for Our Lady of the Angels Parish

  • Convenience: streamlines overall process for weekly collections, allowing staff more time to focus on other pastoral priorities
  • Consistency: your gift will come even when you are out of town or unable to attend Mass. This gives us a better idea of the funds we rely on week after week and allows us to more effectively plan our programs and services
  • Cost-effective: online giving means less envelopes to print & mail, which translates into savings for our parish

Getting started is easy— just go to www.parishpay click on the parishioner on the upper right and follow the instruction. When you participate, your gift will be securely transferred directly into the parish bank account from your bank account or credit/debit card. If you still want to place something in the offertory basket, just mark "I Gave on Line" in your regular offertory envelopes and use that at offertory time.
We ask that you consider using this service—especially if you currently manage your bills or banking online. However you choose to give your time, talent, and treasure, we thank you! Our church and its ministries thrive only with your help. Thank you for your consideration and participation.

For more information about Online Giving, please contact Greys López at 609-695-6089 ext. 118 or olaprish@olanj.org. 

Signing up for Online Giving is simple!



Is Online Giving Safe?

Online Giving meets the highest banking-level security standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to ensure safe and confidential transactions. In fact, your banking information is encrypted in the system and is not accessible to any users or administrators of the Online Giving system. When you manage your own account information, St. Gregory the Great never needs to handle checks or worry about locking up documents containing your account information. And you’ll always be certain that your gifts are direct-deposited into your church’s account.
What are the advantages of Online Giving?

It makes it easy to give, even when you are unable to attend church. You never have to bring cash or checks to church.  Giving electronically also helps our church save money and plan its budget!
How are my contributions automatically deducted from my account?

Once you complete the online registration form, the contribution amount you specify will automatically be transferred from your bank account or credit card account to the OLA's bank account.
When will my contribution be deducted from my account?
Your electronic contribution will be debited on the date you specify on the "My Gifts" page of the Online Giving system.
If I do not write checks, how do I keep my checkbook balance straight?
Since your contribution is made at a pre-established time, you simply record it in your check register on the appropriate date.  Electronic contributions are recorded for you on your bank statement as well as your online reports.
Without a canceled check, how can I prove I made my contribution?

Your bank statement and the Online Giving system both provide reports that document your electronic transactions.
Can I put different amounts in offerings and have all of them withdrawn at different times?
You can contribute to different offerings (like special collections) at different times; however, you will have to do each one separately. You will receive a receipt for each one.
What if I change bank accounts?
Log in and update your account information in the My Payment Methods window.  Each checking/savings/credit/debit card can be changed using the edit button, deleted completely, or new accounts can be added on the right side of the screen.
How much does Online Giving cost?

It costs you absolutely nothing!
What if I try Online Giving and don't like it?

You can cancel your authorization by cancelling your gifts and donation dates at any time.
How do I sign up for Online Giving?
1.  Click here for the Online Giving webpage.
2.  Complete the online registration form
It's that simple!