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Did you know that serving at church is a wonderful opportunity to get to make new friends? By becoming an altar server, you’ll get to meet many people your age and you will end up having many friends who all share your faith! This can lead to some wonderful conversations, great memories, and lifelong friendships. By taking up a responsibility at Mass, you will begin to recognize more and more people in our church community. This will slowly change your experience at church from a group of random people you stand next to at Mass, to a large and diverse family who you can meet and chat with every time you go to church.


By becoming an altar server, you also begin to learn about the Mass and all the symbols of the Mass will be so much more understandable and interesting. In understanding what’s going on, the experience of Mass can lead you into a much deeper relationship with God! Serving on the altar is a great place to start building skills like communication, teamwork and will build self-confidence. The best reason to be an altar server is that it helps you discern your vocation better – whether marriage, consecrated singlehood, religious life, or priesthood – and leads you to a greater and deeper understanding and relationship with God. 


By altar serving you learn so much more about the priest you work with. This is a great opportunity to both fully appreciate his human side, while also appreciating the sacramental grace he’s been given in holy orders! If you have made your Holy Communion and are interested in becoming an altar server or would like more information, please contact:


Mrs. Carmen Ortiz or Alfredo Rivas or Ana Macario 


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