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The Presentation in the Temple: Luke 2:22-23

“When the days were completed for their purification according to the law of Moses, they took him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord, just as it is written in the law of the Lord, ‘Every male that opens the womb shall be consecrated to the Lord’.”

The Presentation of a Child (Presentación) is a Hispanic tradition of the presentation of a child to God and to the Church in honor of the Virgin Mary's presentation at the temple at the age of three, and the Presentation of the Baby Jesus in the temple 40 days after Christmas. The Presentation tradition is a precursor to the child receiving the Sacrament of Baptism and a way for parents to give thanks to God for new life, asking for divine protection for their newborn, and thanksgiving for a safe childbirth.


If you would like for your child to be presented in the Church, please call 609-695-6089.



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